I’ve worked in advertising and marketing agencies for nearly a decade, creating award-winning and responsive campaigns for a range of clients including Greenpeace, Amnesty International, Macmillan Cancer Support, Tourism Ireland and Very.

Amnesty International

In April 2013, Amnesty International demanded that the FCO took women’s representation in Afghan peace talks seriously. Campaign produced by Different Kettle. Take a look at the Afghan women’s rights campaign

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When Mahdi Abu Dheeb was imprisoned following Bahrain’s Arab Spring, his daughter spoke out for his freedom. Campaign produced by Different Kettle. Take a look at the Trade Union rights in Bahrain campaign


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Greenpeace rallied a 7-million strong global movement to protect the Arctic from the oil giants. Campaign produced by Different Kettle. Take a look at Greenpeace’s Save the Arctic campaign.

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Not long after this appeal mailed, Shell backed out of the Arctic Ocean. Campaign produced by Different Kettle. Take a look at the Greenpeace Stop Shell campaign


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This award-winning Christmas campaign raised a staggering £1 million for Macmillan Cancer support. Campaign produced by Different Kettle. Take a closer look.

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The heartbreaking story of a mother enduring cervical cancer while pregnant became one of Macmillan’s most successful summer appeals. Campaign produced by Different Kettle. Find out how.


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WaterAid’s provocative cold insert explored the impact lack of clean, safe water has on girls.Campaign produced by Different Kettle. Find out how we told Adenach’s story.

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Our school fundraising project for WaterAid proved so successful, in 2016 a record-breaking Pupil Pipeline was set up at the Big Bang Fair in Birmingham. Campaign produced by Different Kettle. Find out more about how we brought issues of clean, safe water to schools.

Save the Children

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We worked with Save the Children to create recruitment materials for their Save the Children Club – including banner ads, cold inserts, press ads and a landing page.Campaign produced by Different Kettle. Find out how we inspired parents and children.


Cystic Fibrosis Trust

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I’ve worked on numerous digital campaigns for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, including the life-changing initiative to encourage people with the condition to know their genotype. Campaign produced by Different Kettle.

Medecins sans Frontieres

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MSF needed a generic brand advert to fill dead space in magazines and papers. Our ad got to the heart of what this great organisation does. Campaign produced by Different Kettle.

League Against Cruel Sports

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After the 2015 election, we had mere days to put together an emergency press ad exposing the government’s plans for the Hunting Act. Campaign produced by Different Kettle.


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My first campaign for the then new Shop Direct brand Very won multiple awards – including Gold at Revolution and Bronze at the DMAs. Campaign produced by Indicia.

Tourism Ireland

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The hugely successful My Irish 140 campaign was a truly integrated effort. Centring on Twitter, the campaign lived on and offline, winning multiple awards and giving people an opportunity to celebrate their love of the Emerald Isle. Campaign produced by Indicia.


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As the Academy Marketing Officer at Circomedia, I was the lead copywriter on their newly-designed website, as well as responsible for writing and designing print materials, press release and social media collateral.